Why choose us?

Best education in affordable fees

Why choose us?

Provide personal attention to every child

Why choose us?

Storied building and play ground

About Nanavati PreSchool

Core Purpose

Core Purpose of Nanavati Schools is to provide better education in affordable fees.

Unique Selling Proposition

USP of Nanavati schools is….. we are the only schools in Gandhinagar that provide personal attention to every child because we have only 36 students in each division in all three buildings.

Mission Statement

  • Mission of Nanavati Schools is to develop each child to his or her fullest potential socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  • Learning is maximized in our environment enriched with love, care, encouragement, assistance and safety.
  • We share our affluent cultural background with the children to nurture growth, responsibility, compassion and respect for the diversity of India by celebrating various festivals within positive school wide atmosphere.
  • We create active and positive minds and enable them to face the challenges of higher secondary school to succeed in this ever changing world.

Vision Statement

Nanavati Schools are planning to come up with two new buildings in New Gandhinagar with high class facilities aiming to obtain one thousand students before 2020. On the path of development, we shall never forget that we create life long memories with knowledge for the children belong to the middle layer of the society.

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Admission Information

Nanavati Primary school

The Age Limit

According to the latest circular of the state government if the child completes 2 years on or before the 1st June, s/he is eligible for the admission in the play group. ( 3 years then eligible for Jr.K.G., 4 years then eligible for Sr.K.G. and 5 years then eligible for the first standard.)


Play Group
  • first shift : 9am to 11am | second shift : 11am to 1pm
Jr.K.G. & Sr. K.G.
  • first shift : 8.30am to 11.30am | second shift : 11.30am to 2.30pm

Uniform Dress Code

Blue Jeans and a yellow Tee shirt having the school logo on the back of the Tee shirt.

School Specialities


There are six vans moving safely on the beautiful roads of Gandhinagar with our little butterflies...vanmen hand over every child to its parents at its doorstep.


There is a CCTV camera in every room. Two care taker ladies welcome the children at the gate and hand them over to the parents at the end of the day.


Drawing, Dance and Karate are the parts of the regular time table. Story telling with the help of the puppets and an over head projector attract children to come to school.

Picnic is the most awaited day that is held in the first week of February. K.G. Section is always taken to the place which is walled and having tight security at the gate.

It is in the last week of February in the Town Hall, Gandhinagar. It is the event in which every budding star gets the chance to showcase his / her talent. 

Anybody can teach the course of K.G. Section but while selecting the staff we ensure that she possesses the qualities like love, care and patience.

Though we run an English Medium Schools, we are the strong supporters of Indian Culture. We celebrate all Indian festivals and distributes gifts among our tiny tots

Different Competitions are held throughout the year and winners are awarded during the Annual Function at the Town Hall, Gandhinagar.


We hold a Parent-Teacher Meeting on every 4th Saturday ( or 2nd Saturday, depends upon the requirement and schedule) to avoid the communication gap.

Our three storied building and play ground are specially designed for small children. Though we are only a Pre School we have spent crores of rupees for the building and play ground. Large, well painted, fairy tale like airconditioned rooms with tiny chairs and square tables. Every room has a green board, white board and a notice board.

Why choose us?

A Pre school that has its own building and play ground

Personal care

Parents Testimonials

“In very low fees the school provides regular classes for Dance, Karate and computer that is amazing ! Icing on the cake is the celebration of every festival in the school and the hilarious atmosphere on the celebration day !! We are highly satisfied. “

Pranav Dave (Father of Tapan Dave, Sr.K.G and working with Times of India Group)

“The teachers are bound with an 11 months contract in Nanavati Schools that is the best way to avoid the change in-staff nightmare."

Khumansing Bihola ( Father of Vishva Bihola- 4 std and a Dy.Mamladar in collector Office, Gandhinagar)

“ I am thankful to the school for the personal care they are taking of my child. The Pre-school building has more than 300 students but the cleanliness of the building is unbelievable ! Hygiene is vital for small children. ”

Sakina Sadikot (Mother of Maryum Sadikot-Sr.K.G and the owner of a boutique in Infocity Mall, Gandhinagar.)