Nanavati primary school


Core Purpose

Core Purpose of Nanavati Schools is to provide better education in affordable fees.

Unique Selling Proposition

USP of Nanavati schools is….. we are the only schools in Gandhinagar that provide personal attention to every child because we have only 36 students in each division in all three buildings.

Mission Statement

• Mission of Nanavati Schools is to develop each child to his or her fullest potential socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
• Learning is maximized in our environment enriched with love, care, encouragement, assistance and safety.
• We share our affluent cultural background with the children to nurture growth, responsibility, compassion and respect for the diversity of India by celebrating various festivals within positive school wide atmosphere.
• We create active and positive minds and enable them to face the challenges of higher secondary school to succeed in this ever changing world.

Vision Statement

Nanavati Schools are planning to come up with two new buildings in the south-west corner (around ‘G-2’ Circle) of the city with high class facilities aiming to obtain one thousand students before 2020. On the path of development, we shall never forget that we create life long memories with knowledge for the children belong to the middle layer of the society.

Nanavati Primary School Admission Information

The Age Limit

According to the latest circular of the state government if the child completes five years on or before the 1st June, s/he is eligible for the admission in the first standard.


For standard 1 to 4 : 8.15am to 1.15am
For standard 5 to 8 : 8am to 1.30pm

Uniform Dress Code

Brown and cream checks shirt. Cream pants. Cream tie having school symbol on it. Cream socks. Cream and Brown stripes belt.


Large, airconditioned classrooms for the lower primary section.


There is a CCTV camera in every room.


Drawing, Dance and Karate are the parts of the regular time table.

Outdoor Trip

Picnic is the most awaited day that is held in the first week of February.

Annual Function

It is in the last week of February in the Town Hall, Gandhinagar. It is the event in which every budding star gets the chance to showcase his / her tallent.


All the Indian festivals are celebrated in the premises of the school to strengthen the roots of the Indian culture into the students.


From the Sports Day to the World Sprrow Day... all are celebrated in the schoool premises.


All teachers are well qualified and they are well trained by Mr. Ketan Nanavati himself.

Competitions & Winners

During the year various competitions are arranged like Drawing Competition, the Handwriting Compition, Rangoli Competition, Essay Writing Competition and the winners are awarded with certificates and medals during the Annual Function.

Parents' Meeting

Parents' meeting is held on the 2nd or the 4th Saturday of every month.


There are six vans moving safely on the beautiful roads of Gandhinagar with our little butterflies...vanmen hand over every child to its parents at its doorstep.

Principles and Values

We never give sudden or unexpected holidays as such holidays disturb the schedules of the parents asspecialy when both of them are working. We belive that the revision of the course is school's responsibility so we never give the reading vacation before the exams.


The school has declared that the students of the proposed secondary school will not be permitted the cell phones and the vehicles in the school premises. The number of hours that children watch TV at home and the food that they refuse to eat at home are the direct concern of the principal.

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