Nanavati English Academy


Admission Procedure

The aspirant is required to fill in the admission form with the admission fee at the time of admission. The remaining fees should be paid after a week.

Course Duration

Two and half months,


Monday to Friday,


One and half hours everyday.

Important Aspects of the Course


Various essential topics of English Grammar are taught on a screen.


Students are required to prepare around two thousand words during the course.


A shoulder bag with a logo of the academy, two books for vocabulay and all the pamphlets of the grammitical topics will be provided by the academy.


Students will have to face audience under the name of different rounds. In the Essay Round, the students will be given the topics in advance to prepare so that they can perform well on the stage. In the Firing Round, the students will be asked questions by the audience and the last but not the least is the Group Discussion Round. All students will share their views on different topics in the Group Discussion Round.

Audio - Video Sessions :

Audio and Video CDs will be played time to time during the course with a view to improve the listening and speaking skills of the students.


There will be two types of exams - first will be of grammar and the second will be of vocabulary.


Audio Visual airconditioned theatre hall with 35 cozy chairs. 8' X 6' touch screen. Stage with sensitive microphones.


All the batches and outdoor trainings have been conducted only by Mr. Ketan Nanavati. We have never hired a faculty.


The ratio of the success is 89% !!!! Success is above the doubts when your hardwork blends with Mr. Nanavati's guidance.

The Biggest Benefit

The rejoining is totally free to sharpen the edge of your skill time to time.

Students Feedback

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